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Mia DelCasino


Mia DelCasino, an east coast native, always loved making photographs, drawing, writing and the entire creative process. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Media Communications, she moved the west coast to pursue her artistic career.  Her work can now be found in many corporate and private collections worldwide and she has won several International awards for her work in photography.

In many of her photographs, the natural elements such as water, light and the effect they have on structure over time represent the ever-changing aspects of life that we all face. The structural elements in her images are representative of the inner strength of the human spirit. DelCasino believes that whether we are facing a personal struggle, a global war, or just the fast pace of everyday life, we find ourselves surrounded by elements of chaos. Her work conveys a universal message that calm and chaos can co-exist in a harmony that is unique to every one of us.

Her images explore this dichotomy. She communicates the contrast of old versus new, dark versus light and static versus motion by juxtaposing simplicity of structure and complexity of texture.  She captures the two in their truest form and conveys the critical balance between their opposing characteristics.  This balance along with her love for minimalism, clean lines and monochromatic hues create the essence of her tranquil photographs.