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Cheryl Goldsledger

“It is a strange situation. The Space we love is unwilling to remain permanently enclosed. It deploys and appears to move elsewhere without difficulty; into other times, and on different planes of dream and memory.” The Poetics of Space, By Gaston Bachelard

My work stems from the diverse interest in architectural space. Architecture, for me, is the most telling aspect of a society. It reveals how a society is organized and what societal needs are. Over the years, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Medieval and contemporary architecture have been important influences in my work. Although never specific to the source, I find the different structures that habe been built and the diverse needs that were met fascinating. Most recently I have researched and been influenced by architecture advocating a utopian vision from the late 19th and early 20th century.

Mazes and labyrinths have alson intrigued me and have been used throughout history as symbolic and captivating structures. I view these as diagrammatic and derived from architectural sturctures. The need to mentally “walk through” these interconnected spaces in order to understand them is important. Cezanne’s ideaof reconstructing his vision ased on the simplified terms of a few shapes; a sphere, a cone, and a cylinder; has always fascinated me.

Some of my work is clearly more architectural while other works have evolved into more abstracted visions. The structural influence and the idea of moving through space are important to me during the evolution of each piece. The architectural references in the more abstract paintings have become more subliminal. Expanding this interest, I am currently drawing using a 3D modeling program in order to build three-dimensional forms. The drawings in this show that are printed on mylar form the understructure of these compositions and are then worked into by hand allowing for further exploration of these elusive spaces.